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Magically Contact to Communicate

Accessibility for smartphones and tablets
for users with motor impairments


One Touch Contact

send text message with predefined text with location, and add your favorite contacts


Text Messages

read and write text message through alternative interaction mode (scanning or zooming), with a bespoke keyboard


Phone Calls

make or receive calls in a simplified interface and adapted to the scanning mode



easily navigate the Internet, either by scanning or zooming mode



take selfies and show your photos to your friends



The MEO remote is only availabe in Portugal



Create videos or show them to your friends and family



Access to the pdf files from you smartphone or tablet


Augmentative and Alternative Communication
for users with difficulty speech impairments


Text to Speech

simply type what you want to say and let the phone speak for you


Symbol Communication

use symbols to communicate in a more straightforward way

Symbol Communication

Through this feature you can easily create or edit grids with symbols and phrases.

You can also load your Communication Grids and edit on your computer.

Use saved Communication Grids Load saved Communication Grids Create new Communication Grid
Shared Communication Grids

See other other Communication Grids made by other users, or share yours with the community.

Keyboard Layout Configuration

This feature allows you to create new keyboards and adapted them to the user.

You can also load a previously created keypad, and edit on a computer.

Upload saved keyboards Create new keyboard
Shared keyboards

See other keyboards created by other users, or share your with the community.